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Jim Dornan

Jim Dornan is a leader of leaders. Trained as an Aeronautical Engineer, and a graduate of Purdue University, Jim made the transition long ago to the world of business and has functioned as an entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is the author of best selling books including "Becoming a Person of Influence" (with John C. Maxwell), Piano on the Beach and founder of Network TwentyOne International. Mr. Dornan speaks regularly to audiences of tens of thousands from Europe to Africa, India to Southeast Asia, and Australia to the Americas. He and his wife Nancy live in Sarasota, Florida but are at home in any of the 30+ countries where he has offices or support business activities.

As coach, strategist, and mentor for some of the highest achievers in the world, he has compiled a wealth of experiences and a unique perspective that is available to any who choose to listen. Father of three wonderful children, and with his wife Nancy as a life partner, Jim Dornan brings both business and personal views to his teaching.

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