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  •  You can renew your cancelled CEP subscription anytime from Channel-21>CEP > Click on Renew Subscription Option. You can also select any of the available other CEP options to subscribe to.

    Please note that renewal of your primary Channel-21 is not mandatory for renewing your Channel-21 CEP subscription. 
  •  Channel-21 content is licensed for use only by the subscribed IBO-ship and as such a member cannot share their account or account log in details. You can login to the standard site or the mobile site at http://m.channel-21.com with your credentials and then show the videos to the customer from your device. The exception to this is content on your Channel-21 Media Share tab which allows you to share your profile details page along with specific available video with others.

  •  In select markets Channel-21 offers a very unique functionality feature called Media Share which allows you to configure your contact details and then share your profile page along with selected video(s) from the titles made available for Media Share using your own URL’s generated by the application.

  •  You can register on Channel-21 using scratch card or credit card depending on the availability of payment option in your market. You also need a valid upline platinum or above IBO/ABO number to register. You can check the availability of scratch cards from your local Network21 Offices.

    You may check out the sample video link provided before deciding to subscribe. Currently Channel-21 USA/Canada has more than 150 (localize) hours of content available to which new content is added on regular basis.

    Note: Kindly ensure you have selected your country on the country dropdown at www.channel-21.com before initiating the registration.

  •  Subscription to Channel-21 is available through several different options as outlined below:

    • An annual Channel-21 membership is available as part of the N21.com Professional website membership which is bundled with the Builder’s Pack or available separately. More details are available at www.n21.com/register.
    • A 90 day Channel-21 membership is available as part of the Associate Pack. More information is available at www.n21.com/associatepack.
    • A one month non-reoccurring purchase - $18.00
    • A monthly reoccurring subscription - $15.00/month
    • A 3 month reoccurring subscription - $40.00/3 months
    • An annual reoccurring subscription - $99.00/year
  •  You can cancel your reoccurring subscription to Channel-21 anytime from My Account > Subscription Details > Cancel Subscription.

  •  Simply login to www.channel-21.com  and click on any of the presentation links. You shall automatically be prompted to go thru a renewal if your subscription has expired. Depending on the market you shall have the option to use pre-paid card or credit card for payment OR you can also go to the ‘My Account' tab and Click on 'Renew Now' button under Subscription details to renew your Channel-21 subscription.

  • Channel-21 is available via several different membership options. These options are listed below:

    • A 1 year subscription is Included in the n21.com Professional Website membership. N21.com professional website is included in the Builders Pack ($249.00) or available seperately for $149/year and provides many additional benifits including a 10% discount on all Network TwentyOne tools.
    • A 90 day subscription is included in the Network TwentyOne Associate Pack ($24.95)
    • A 1 year subscription is available directly on Channel-21 for $99. This is a reoccuring annual subscription that can be cancelled at any time.
    • A quarterly subscription is available directly on Channel-21 for $  . This is a reoccuring 3 month subscription that can be cancelled at any time.
    • A monthly subscription is available directly on Channel-21 for $15 per month . This is a reoccuring monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.
    • A 1 month subscription is available directly on Channel-21 for $18. This is a single month one time purchase.
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